Saturday, January 29, 2011


Don't you hate running out of bait? These guys deliver
Centre Daily Times reports President Obama will visit Penn State-University Park (our home base) this week to support PSU as an innovation hub for energy-efficient canal boats.
Oh wait!  It already is.

Actually, the Prez is meeting with folks on campus who are making BUILDINGS more energy efficient.  

And the target market for bait boats
Researchers from Penn State (along with Princeton, UPenn, Rutgers and some others) will use buildings at the Navy Yard in Philly kind of like "lab rats" . . .  to test different building designs and energy-saving technologies. They'll also use their projects to train workers in energy-efficiency construction techniques and retrofits.  Cool!

I'm not sure it represents an innovation in energy-efficiency, but the little bait-boat pictured above (which we spotted en route to New Smyrna Beach) surely represents innovation in marketing.  Now if only there were a boat that delivered hot barbecue shrimp (locally and sustainably fished, naturally) direct to your canal boat anchorage. That would be heav-en-lee!

P.S. Photos from our current location available HERE

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