Thursday, May 27, 2010

We Leave Today . . .

. . . for Macedon, NY, the port on the Erie Canal where our boat is docked. We'll make some adjustments to the engine, stow our gear, do a shakedown cruise while towing our dinghy (more on THAT unusual boat later!), and smash a bottle of champagne on the bow. Then, on June 1, we cruise away!

You can read a story about our voyage on Penn State Live: http://live.psu.edu/story/46927

And you can listen to a radio story at WPSU


  1. Saw the article on your trip on the Centre.daily web page. Bon voyage! Will be following you and look forward to the stories.

  2. I have you in my RSS feed in OSX mail -- this is so cool and I heard the piece the other morning on WPSU. I've shared with all our science teachers -- we'll be as excited as one can be without being there. Wishing you smooth travels!

  3. Wait, wait!!! What did you pack to read? Will you be visiting any libraries along the way?

  4. Bon Voyage! Hope everything works well and you have many safe adventures. Love the carp info, and will be happy to hear lots about flora & fauna. I am excited for you & will enjoy following your posts. ALL the BEST! -mc

  5. Have a great trip! Just a year ago I left from Macedon for a week on the Erie Canal in a boat like the Dragonfly. what a wonderful way to travel.