This page features images that just made us chuckle.
Why is a pickle the size of a beluga whale on display at the Medina Railroad Museum? Ponder and report back!
Support your local artist! Notice the sign at top left. Spotted at Brockport, NY street festival.

Just in case your Captain is too clueless to realize, you should navigate UNDER, not over, this guard gate.
Yee-haw! Skidoo cowboys on a rubber-duck roundup! The aftermath of the Brockport Duck Races.
In case you ladies are tempted to step onto this vintage New York Central Railroad luggage scale . . . .

Speaking of narrowboats, someone forgot to stencil the "zero" after that second "4." This image ispart of  educational messaging spotted inside a ladies' bathroom stall in Spencerport.

We collect pix of "boats with funny names." This one should be docked next to the one docked in Fairport that's dubbed "Barb's Granite Kitchen Countertops (He Won the Coin Toss)."

Check out the stern--Amphibious truck! (I asked Cap if we can equip OUR new truck like this)

Looks like cobblestones. Actually beer bottles. Just think how much the architect had to drink to build this quite charming and rather large lighthouse!

Most laundromats forbid you to wash your rugs in their machines.  This Hudson River laundromat has a different clientele.

Spotted in Ottawa. This is SO much better for you than regular parking!

Seriously? Six-person kayak? No, optical illusion. But
still fairly amazing: four-person kayak (and a double)

Spotted along one of the many lakes that make up the Rideau Canal.  Why is there a sailboat sailing through the woods?
Not sure but it seems to be an ad for a summer camp.

We laughed when we saw this street sign in front of Kingston's large music venue.  But when we checked
with a local bartender we learned it was a serious thing. The Tragically Hip is a very popular Kingston rock band.
The street was given this name to honor the lead guitarist, who played his final concert in Kingston before
Succumbing to brain cancer.  So OK, not a laugh. But still a striking sign.

Title this one, "Two Fishermen." Seen in St. Jean Sure Richelieu

Umbrella boats seem to be a thing on the Richelieu.  They suffer from big wakes even more than we do.

Yes please!

Great Loop Laughs: enjoy a trip down memory lane w/ the images below from our trip in 2010-11.
There's some fine-lookin' real estate along the ICW in North Carolina!
All boats declare their home port. Wonder where THIS mariner has travelled?

Number 459 in my "mysterious lawn art series." (Spotted near
Topsail Beach, North Carolina)

In the movie "Jaws," Quint says, "You're going to need a bigger boat."
Presumably with one of these.

You can lock your bike up here.  Or your outboard motor. Either one.  No problem! (Spotted at Titusville, FL)

In case you wondered what kind of vehicle lady pirates drive on land . . . 

We're saying: "Look, an electric boat!"  They're saying: "Look, an electric boat!"

Wow, looks like He's been promoted.  (Isn't God usually the CO-pilot?)

Sorry, we're open. (That means you'll have to spend money.)

Roof gator.  Keeps birds away. (Spotted in Stuart, FL)

Wild Shiners.  Ummm . . . as opposed to . . .   Domesticated shiners?  Polite, well-behaved shiners?
(Sign at Slim's Fish Camp, Florida)

Florida Marine Transporters: Your source for the reliable transport of seabirds by the thousands
Our favorite kind of sign to mock while driving SlowBoat.  "Honey, hit the brakes!)

Message to literate dogs at Grand Harbor Marina on Pickwick Lake.
(You always knew your dog was smart . . .)

Voiceover, in hushed tones, a la Wild Kingdom or David Attenborough:
" . . . as our boat floats past a sandy island,  we see the rare Tennessee Riverbank Goat, browsing
on weeds outside the entrance to its burrow . . . "

i-pod Marketing Team, check out this concept for your next ad!
The guy on the left is saying, "Hey!  It's hot out here in the sun.  A little shade here, please? Anyone? . . . 

 . . . the choice is yours!  Just remember,
"Go to heaven for the climate, hell for the company." (Mark Twain)

Nuff said!  Nothing to add!
(spotted in Aurora, Kentucky)

Yikes, this barge is truly loaded to the gills . . . 

Um, that white plastic cylinder?  Tied to the tractor with rope?
That's a fender . . . what you hang over the side of your boat to keep it from
bumping the dock and dinging up your nice paint job.   So, what the hey?
Tractor going swimming?

Peoria has made a significant investment in spiffing up its waterfront . . . not, however, its sewer system

If you speak French you know why the name of this Chicago water-taxi hit my funny bone.

Those are traffic cones hanging from this Chicago bridge!
Tells you to use the other lane . . . 

On road construction, there always seems to be one guy with the job of
standing around and watching the action.  Same on the river!

Rooftop sculpture spotted in Milwaukee. Ecology lesson or acid trip?
Why would the Cap'n fill the dinghy with water?
(Actually he's bailing . . . optical illusion!)
Sheboygan's fire rescue vehicle.   Good for rescuing exactly one person

This extremely well-trained hunting dog visited our slip in Milwaukee
He was disappointed the drinks didn't include Cold Duck.

From the lift bridge in downtown Sturgeon Bay you get this great view of
a construction crane, from which is suspended, 100 feet in the air,
a small flat-bottomed fishing boat.  No, I don't know why.

Seen at the Door County Maritime Museum:  Our next dinghy!
(read more)

Look,  a folding boat!  The Kawartha Voyageur is a sleep-aboard cruise ship that plys the Trent-Severn Waterway;
the boat is roughly the size and shape of a three-story motel and to fit inside the locks,
the bow folds up, neatly.  Once the lock gates open, the bow folds back down . . . and the boat is on its way

Spotted on Mackinac Island:  No shirt, yet service.  Amid all the dressed-up tourists who'd come to this very fancy resort for the yacht race, this gentleman was wearing shiny red, skin-tight compression shorts,  a furry Dr. Suess hat, and nothin' else.  Dunno why.

We spotted this elegant vessel exiting the De Tour Village marina. Lest you think it's a corner of
the wharf that floated away, it actually bears a boat registration number.
In narrow Alexander Passage, swimmers alert boaters to their presence by trailing yellow buoys
made from empty canola oil jugs

All the essentials for a kayak trip: PFD, water bottle, football, Viking helmet . . . 

At Bolsover Lock, we were attacked by pirates! (click the link to read more)
Seen in Bobcaygeon: A barbershop where "you're always next!"  How does THAT work?

We found these directions at the head of the Trent-Severn easy to follow.
Mailbox in Mexico, NY: Deliver bills at your own risk!
Dock Pilates?  No, a  Coast Guard rescue dummy. (For practice in rescuing dummies.)

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