Thursday, June 15, 2023

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Now Trending: Electric Canal Boats!

Back in 2010, when we first refitted a former diesel-powered canal boat to "run on the sun," solar boats were a rarity. If you were to Google "solar canal boat," you'd get a hit on this blog, and nothing else.

Cap installing the electric propulssion system

Thirteen years later, what a difference. A number of boatbuilders in Great Britain are having the same insights we once did about "how many solar panels you can fit on a canal boat's flat roof." We were particularly taken with one English narrowboat which has a propulsion system strikingly similar the one Bill designed 13 years ago!

We've often said, our mission is to spread the joys of solar boating across the land. We can't claim ALL the credit, but in a tiny way, it feels like, "Mission Accomplished!"

Dragonfly Has a New Owner

We've loved every minute aboard the Dragonfly, exploring North American waterways at the speed of history. But now, we're reluctantly letting her go and focusing on other adventuring. Dragonfly will begin her own new journeys with her new owners in Spring 2024.

Thanks for following us over the years!

- Cynthia and Bill