Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Anchors Aweigh!

A champagne toast with our friends at Mid-Lakes before launch
The Dragonfly launched at 08:03 AM on Tuesday, June 1, 2010. We are running easily on electric power under gray skies and light rain.

Now heading east on the Erie Canal. Our destination tonite is Clyde, NY; some ports along the way include Palmyra, Newark, and Lyons.

We just passed through Lock 30, a mile outside Macedon; Bill maneuvered the Dragonfly to gently kiss the wall of the lock. He says it's actually easier to maneuver under electric power than it is under diesel--more fine control.

On Monday, Bill continued to work on the throttle mechanism for the electric motor while I did more "boat primping": painting our table in the bow and waterproofing the cushions. At the end of the day we gathered with the crew at Mid-Lakes Navigation (photo above) for a champagne toast to the voyage.


  1. Bon Voyage!!! Everyone at the library has read/listened to the local media coverage and wishes you well. Cathi

  2. I already emailed the '79 Class Notes secretary about your adventure, and I'll email you if/when it appears in the DAM! Have a great trip!!!

  3. Surprised to see you heading East. Thought your trip would be counterclockwise and you would be heading West toward Tonawanda and Lake Erie. I will be following you from State College. Have a wonderful trip. Ron EMS '65

  4. Bon voyage darling parents! Prepare for your link to be forwarded widely...

  5. Ron, we're headed east in order to pick up the Oswego canal to Lake Ontario. We'll round the eastern corner of the lake and pick up the Trent-Severn Waterway in Canada (said to be very beautiful) and thence to Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, the Illinois River to the Mississpi. This route has the advantage of less time on big lakes, plus the charms of the Trent-Severn, plus we can call our trip an "international voyage!"

  6. Tornado warning for Erie county PA until 4:15. It's heading into NY state. BIG supercell. Where are you guys?

    PS. Emily and I just saw somebody's hand on boatcam - and we're supposed to be getting work done! :)