Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Top Ten Reasons to Own a Canal Boat

With apologies to David Letterman:

10. Makes You Feel Special: Anyone can buy a flashy car. Canal boats not so easy to get.

9. Makes You Feel Macho: What man would NOT want to own 14 tons of steel?

8. Extremely Safe: Takes hours to sink (plenty of time to man the life raft).

7. Educational: Many things to fix (electrical system, plumbing, etc. etc.)

6. Lowers Blood Pressure: Travel at 4 MPH the ultimate zen experience.

5. Make New Friends: Goes so slow, every boat on the river passes you.

4. Ideal for Multi-taskers: Brew coffee, update blog, wash dishes--while crusing!

3. Save Money: Canal boats so rare, you are never tempted to upgrade to this year's model.

2. Great for Parties: Goes so slow, guests never fall overboard.

And the number one reason to own a canal boat:

It's very very cute!


  1. You should be on Letterman with your top ten or a writer for them. Sharon is very jealous. Love, The Fong Family

  2. Heya, Jim!

    Skater Cindy M sez I forgot one thing on my list:

    More Time for Fun on Weekends: No garden to mulch!

  3. Where can you find one in the USA?