Sunday, June 13, 2010

We Interrupt this Blog . . .

For a short side trip.

If you're wondering where the Dragonfly is, she is docked in Henderson Harbor, on the east shore of Lake Ontario. Bill is wrestling manfully with the electrical system.

Meanwhile I am in Portland, Oregon, to attend the college graduation of my "emergency back-up daughter," Kathryn Johnston.

I flew out of Watertown, NY. We had checked the local maps, and from our "slow boat" perspective, we were rather worried about how I would get to the airport from the dock. By OUR measure of travel, the distance seemed quite far!

Bill figured it might be possible to motor up a creek and dock at a campground about a mile from the airport. Then, he would put me ashore and I'd just hike it!

But I didn't have to do that. Imagine our perspective shift when we learned a cab ride to the airport would take about 10 minutes and cost a few bucks.

The hop from Watertown to Albany was great, by the way, and a fascinating contrast to slow-boatin'.

I flew in a 9-seater Cessna (air speed 20 times faster than our boat), low enough for wonderful views of Lake Ontario on take-off and the Adirondack Mountains as we landed. The pilot sat an arm's length away, sipping coffee from a styrofoam cup in a cupholder on the dashboard: a 30-something woman with streaked-blond hair, a nose piercing, and a supremely confident air, revving the engine with great authority as she casually opened the window to listen to the engines.

(Her landing was perfect.)

We'll return you to your regularly scheduled cruise blog postings on Monday.


  1. A very belated Bon Voyage, I just received the blog from Ann and Tom and have enjoyed it, Good Sailing and God Bless, Uncle Bill Woodcock