About Us

In 2010, with less than a week's experience piloting a powerboat, we set out to circumnavigate America's Great Loop, 6,000 miles around Eastern North America. Our unusual vessel is an old-fashioned canal boat retrofitted as a solar hybrid vessel--a Prius of the Water. The boat's top speed is 6 mph, which is why we call our blog SlowBoatCruise.

(In summer 2018, Cynthia and Bill will be cruising the historic canals of CanadaTo read the Great Loop blog, click HERE.)

Bill Carlsen is SlowBoat's captain and chief engineer; Cynthia Berger is co-pilot, trip multimedia producer, and chief bow bunny. At the time of the first cruise, Cynthia was a radio reporter at NPR affiliate WPSU and Bill was a professor of science education at Penn State. Building Dragonfly's solar systems and making the cruise was Bill's sabbatical projectBoth Cynthia and Bill are now (as of 2018) digital nomads

The Captain and crew of SlowBoat are biologists by training; Bill has studied marine biology and Cynthia has studied limnology (freshwater systems). They are married (to each other). 

The SlowBoaters are available for talks and slideshows. Themes include
  • Sustainable Boating
  • Environmental Issues along America's Waterways
  • Traveling the Great Loop
  • Canals of Eastern North America
  • The Joy of Going Slow