Thursday, September 9, 2010

Not the Most Unusual Boat in the Marina

The small harbor is bounded on three sides by retired casino boats . . .
and on the fourth side by docks hosting another brightly colored steel boat
We ducked out of some high winds and docked Monday and Tuesday nights at Hamm's Holiday Harbor in Chillicothe.

If that sounds like a festive place, where people turn their boat slips into summer retreats with wind chimes and party lights and rugs on the docks, and where your boat neighbors invite you to hang out in lawn chairs by the impromptu spa made from a wading pool . . . well, it is.

It's also a "temporary storage site" for casino boats awaiting their next life.  Owner Dick Hamm has collected three of these very large and very elaborate vessels, along with several towboats, some barges, and other large, slow, steel-hulled vessels.

We felt very welcome.  And we enjoyed staying in a place where we were NOT the most unusual boat in the harbor.

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