Wednesday, February 2, 2011

If You Like SlowBoat, You'll Also Like . . .

Where we stayed: The Guana Tololato Matanzas National
Estuarine Research Reserve
Amazon. Netflix. These vendors now track what you buy . . . and suggest other purchases based on your past history. 

In the positive, "I can give-you-more-of-what-you-like" spirit of these businesses (NOT the dark, "there are no secrets from Big Brother in the wired economy" spirit), let me refer you to a blog that documents a voyage of discovery rather similar to ours: 3rd Coast Connect. Check it out!

John Shepard is (like the Cap) a professor of environmental education, using his sabbatical to explore the coast and bring back new ideas for education curricula. But whereas we're Loopin' (making a big circle around eastern North America) John is focusing on the Gulf Coast.

Wondering what we're up to? Photos HERE

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