Saturday, June 23, 2018

What IS It?

During our Great Loop Cruise eight years ago, the blog included a regular feature called "What IS It?" It was a simple contest. We post a picture of something odd. You're invited to identify it.

Hint: It's handy to have on a boat.
We revive this tradition today with a picture of an item we purchased recently, as a trip souvenir. What IS it?

So this is cool: A blacksmith made this for us, while we watched!

The original rules for the "What IS It?" contest still apply.  

First person to answer correctly (use the comment function below) wins a good old-fashioned postcard, sent to you by snail mail. 

Also the glory of a shout-out on the blog.  

Waiting to hear from you!


  1. Guess #2: the nozzle of a gas (diesel) can goes through the loop and the perpenidcular piece goes into the tank. You hold the T. When you pour, your hands are well away from the nozzle and the rod guides the fuel into the tank, while bonding the can and the tank to prevent sparks.

  2. Something to use to hang onto a lock wall?

  3. Mark guesses it’s a Dragonfly de-knotter for loosening ropes.

    Sue thinks it looks like a hook, to grab ropes.