Friday, October 15, 2010

Press Release

What's a blog post without a pretty picture?  Here's the new moon over Birdsong Marina.
The Dragonfly's been getting some  press, and we know Mom wants to hear the stories!

1. Last week, at Paris Landing, we had a visit from Jacque Day, public radio reporter for WKMS-FM in Murray, Kentucky.  We took her for a quick--ahem, I mean, a slow spin in the boat, and she filed this story.                       

2. Earlier this week, we scored a rental car and zoomed north, ironically burning fuel to attend a meeting on "Food, Fuel, and Society" in Columbia, Missouri.  At the meeting, ag journalist Pam Fretwell recorded an interview with the crew for the radio show, "Living a Better Life."  

3. Our hometown paper, the Centre Daily Times, is following the trip; the crew's filing monthly stories.  Here's the latest installment.

4.  In other news, the Duchess of Cornwall piloted the Dragonfly this week. Really!  Check out this story!

Notice that whereas miles of American canals are defunct, England is busy restoring its canals to meet the demand for the highly popular pastime of canal-boating.  (One goal of OUR trip: Make canal boats equally trendy in the colonies.)


  1. In the small world department -- you know that our daughters got to meet the Duchess when we were living in London? Here's some photographic evidence (look carefully at the picture):

  2. Very neat! (My goodness, that woman has a busy schedule)