Friday, October 1, 2010

Where Can I Get Me Some Solar Panels?

So far, we've escaped the rainy skies that are deluging the East Coast.
Today, less travelogue and more information.

You've been following our slow, solar-powered perambulations, and you've been thinking to yourself, "A solar boat is very nice, but how about my HOUSE?
Can solar power run a TV? Air conditioning? Garbage disposal? None of which that crazy boat has! If I put some panels on my roof, what's it going to cost me? Those puppies are expensive! What's the payback time?  Is it worth it?"

Here are a few resources to help you explore those questions.

The website solarpowerrocks.com has information about incentives to go solar in your state
Most states and/or regions have renewable energy associations with informative websites and links to local service providers.
This U.S. Department of Energy website has some useful links, including state by state energy code information.

And, on another alternative energy track, this just in from the NYTimes about wind power in Italy:

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