Monday, December 13, 2010

Boater Fashion Update

Guess what I'm wearing under
my rain suit!
Back in Mobile, Alabama, the crew of the Dragonfly were mistaken for homeless people.  At the time, we contemplated our oil-stained sweatshirts, our frayed, wrinkled shorts, and our broken-down belts (the ones with the extra holes inexpertly punched using a hammer and nail) and said, "So what?"

But lately, the weather forecast has included "gale force winds."  Overnight temperatures have been so cold, the marina turned off the water supply lines on the docks for fear of a damaging freeze-up.

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.  

We're in a small town, so the clothing store options are limited.   But Port St. Joe does have an "outdoor outfitters" store . . . a retail category which sometimes means, "Your options in Gore-tex-coated polar fleece are limitless," and sometimes means, "Get your bikinis and novelty T-shirts here."  

This store had a bit of both.  If I were a duck hunter (and a guy) in need of full waterproof camo, I would have been golden. I liked the over-the-knee duck boots, and the full-body coverall in water repellent Desert Storm.  

But guy's sizes don't work for me, alas. Now, if I were a society gal in need of packable glam beachwear and some jeweled flip flops, I would have have no problems stocking up.

But I needed warm, not flashy. Time to get creative.

By dint of tediously examining every single item in the store, I scored a Helly-Hansen UnderArmour hoodie, fleece inside, water repellent outside, boys size large. 

I also found some thick leggings that fit nicely under my jeans.  

OK, so the pattern on the leggings is a trendy gold and black zebra stripe.  And true confessions, these badd-ass babies were intended to be worn with platform sandals and a flirty tunic top.

But they were 50 percent off.  And they're VERY warm.

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