Tuesday, December 7, 2010


And behind those dunes . . .  the open ocean!

Picture this:  You're skiiing in Vermont, knees bending rhythmically as you bounce up and down, over the moguls.  It's a sunny day, but the cold finds its way into the little gaps at your wrists and neck.  The wind rushes past your face, making your eyes water.  Inside your fleece gloves, your fingers are starting to sting, and your toes are numb inside your boots.

Now image this:  While you are skiiing, you lower virtual-reality goggles in front of your eyes. It's still cold and windy, but instead of white snow and ice-covered spruce trees, you see a white sand beach, backed by low dunes and fronted by ultramarine water. You see umbrellas in bright primary colors shading lounge chairs, rustic wooden piers where pelicans stretch and preen, a fringe of palm trees.

That's what it was like to cruise the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway yesterday.

From a distance, high rises float over the water like a mirage
Fortified by our cheeseburgers in Paradise, we set out along the GIWW on Sunday.  By mid-afternoon we were anchored in an undeveloped bayou, watching dolphins sport around our boat.

Monday was cold and windy--but not so windy as to prevent travel.  So we left our little haven and set out.

Mothers who might worry:  We are now docked safely in Pensacola!

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