Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just in Time for Swimsuit Season: The SlowBoat Workout Program

Try the SlowBoat Workout.  No spandex or yoga mat needed!
One of the challenges of this trip is taking our boat where canal boats were never supposed to go. Like 50 miles down Delaware Bay.

We had a grueling day yesterday: left early, spent long hours in the fog; arrived in Cape May late, after more long hours bouncing over the big rollers coming in from the Atlantic.  Woke up bone tired, as if we'd run a marathon.

Which suggests the good news: You too can be fit and slim for swimsuit season! Just follow the SlowBoat Workout Program!  These three easy exercises bring guaranteed results (IF it's ever warm enough to remove your sweatshirt and windbreaker and show off your sculptured abs.)

1) Anchor Lift (Clean and Jerk):  Stand at the bow of the boat.  Apply hands firmly to anchor line. Jerk upwards to lift 50-lb anchor (plus attached 50-lb chain) clear of muddy sea floor. When anchor is level with gunnel, hold for 5 minutes with left hand. With right hand, lift scrub brush and scrub anchor clean of mud. Repeat daily, till biceps scream.


Always stretch before working out!  The boat hatch cover is a great place
to stretch those leg muscles--WHILE scanning for the devil crab pots
2) Tiller Press:  Move to the stern of the boat and spread feet wide for balanced stance. Grasp tiller with both hands.  Press tiller hard to port, to angle bow into large wave.  Press tiller hard to starboard, to resume desired course.  Repeat for hours, till safe harbor is reached. Tones biceps, triceps and core, while avoiding seasickness.

3) Stern Tone: Stand at tiller as above.  With vigorous action, lift right foot, then lower onto deck. Lift left foot, lower.  Repeat marching-in-place action till body temperature reaches normal 98.6. Continue exercise as needed to tone glutes AND maintain core body temperature in frigid boating conditions.

Call our 800 number in the next 20 minutes to get the DVD with FREE navigation tips!

And check Facebook for more photos from Delaware City.


  1. I was pretty relieved when Carter announced that he intends to purchase an anchor windlass. Whew!

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