Sunday, July 3, 2011

Coming Full Circle

SlowBoat fans want to know, "What's the end of the story?" In my previous post, back in early June, the intrepid Dragonfly was holed up in Brewerton, NY. The Erie Canal was flooded by spring rains, and the locks were closed.  Who knew when the canal authority would re-open them?

The LAST lock:
Entering Lock 30 on the Erie, near Macedon
On June 1st the crew went home to State College, PA, to re-enter the "real world" and go back to work.  But Cap stayed with his ship. (That's what captains do!)  And when the canal finally opened, intrepid nephew John Thomas came aboard as deckhand, to help move the boat the final 80 miles to her home port at the Mid-Lakes marina in Macedon, NY.  (Check the photos on Facebook).

spring beauty
So now we have come full circle: A 6,000-mile circumnavigation around eastern North America.   We did it!  It feels good!

If you've enjoyed following the media reports of our voyage, here's one more bit:  A TV segment by local station WTAJ

So what happens next?  Well, yup, we are keeping the boat.  An adventure-travel book is in the works. We're adjusting our household routines to live more sustainably. And we're thinking about downsizing, to a home that runs on sustainable technologies.

I haven't decided about this blog. I COULD keep posting about innovations in alternative-energy technologies. Or canal-boating.  Or I could revive the photo quiz "What IS It?"  But most people tell me they're far more interested in the offbeat posts: "SlowBoat Bikini Workout Diet" and "Adventures in Anchoring." So let me hear from you!  Should this blog continue?  And, What should it be about?

I don't want to miss the chance to thank you for riding along with us!  It can be lonely out there on the big water.  It was good to know you were there!  If you're ever in upstate, let us know, and if we're up at the boat, we'll take you for a SlowBoat cruise.

P.S. (Added March 2018) Watch this space! In June 2018, SlowBoat heads north across Lake Ontario to cruise through Canada. We're heading north on the Rideau Canal to Ottowa, east to Montreal, then south to Lake Champlain and return to the Erie. Visitors welcome.

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