Friday, August 20, 2010

Sculpture Tour

Those things that look like solar panels on the roof  alas are merely
windows, through which you can gape at the architecture
The more you look, the more applications for solar you find.

Did you know that Milwaukee has solar-powered parking meters?  Yup!   (Strictly speaking, the things are "solar-powered pay stations," not individual parking meters.)

Apparently they're the hottest new thing.  Many eco-conscious cities have 'em, including not just Milwaukee but Austin, San Diego, and Ann Arbor.

We've spent the last few days in Milwaukee, having fun being tourists with Darling Daughter, our current boat guest.   We approved of the river tour boats, which look like supersized canalboats.  And we especially liked the city's Riverwalk, which has entertaining ornamental public sculpture everywhere you look.

It's an art museum . . .  it's a spaceship!  Beam me up, Captain!
Speaking of sculpture, of course we had to visit the Milwaukee Art museum, where the distinctive Quadracci Pavilion is itself a jumbo work of public sculpture.  It's been compared to a Gothic Cathedral, to the wings of a bird, and especially to a sailboat. I think the latter comparison is particularly apt.  It's also quite Bridge-of-The-Enterprise inside . . .  if I ever film a sci-fi movie, I'm using it for a set.

We've spotted swarms of live dragonflies on the waterfront, and also a number of dragonfly sculptures in the city.  A big, red metal dragonfly adorns the roof at McKinley Marina in Milwaukee, where we've been staying for a few days--that made us feel quite welcome when we arrived.

And as we strolled down trendy Brady Street, we spotted the amusing sculpture pictured below.  I'm not sure why it adorns the roof of this small building (which seems to be a service station for the city's water system)--does anyone know the name or history of the sculpture?

Click here to see the dragonfly's companions!

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