Thursday, August 5, 2010

What IS It?

Congratulations to Knox Johnstone for correctly identifying the August 3rd "What IS It?" quiz.  In this photo of the shore of Beardrop Harbor (Lake Huron's North Channel), flat stones have been carefully piled to make a little statue of a man.  Knox writes: "It's an 'inukshuk,' a human-like stone creation built by the Inuit in circumpolar regions."  Right-oh!   Remember that old graffiti, "Kilroy was here?"  Inukshuk are the same thing.  Native Americans might build inukshuk to say, "Hey! A human being passed this way."  An inukshuk can also function like a trail marker or a road sign--it points the way.  

There are lots of inukshuk along the North Channel.  A few are actually ancient; most are modern constructions imitating this ancient art.  You may remember that the symbol of the 2010 Olympic games, held in Vancouver, was an inukshuk.  And now, for today's quiz:

Here's a rather unusual boat.  It has one very specific function.   A very important function!   What is it?

Remember, the winner gets a shout out on the blog, PLUS a tacky postcard sent via good old-fashioned snail mail!

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  1. We think it's a beer and mail boat.

  2. (Cue "Final Jeopardy" music)

    Good guess, Jay, beer delivery is definitely an essential service to boaters, but the answer is: "What is a Pump-Out Boat?" Also known as a potty dump boat.

    Congratulations, Joy, and if you'll send me your snail mail address, I'll send YOU your fabulous prize, a glamorous tacky postcard! Just send a note to slowboat@emailias.com

    Usually, you have to pilot your own boat to a pump out station, but this convenient boat brings the service right to you.