Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What IS It?

From time to time, this blog offers a quiz called "What IS It?"  Correctly identify the photo and you will receive a shout-out in the blog, plus a real live tacky postcard via snail mail.

Here's a fun one:  In Africa, the colorful birds called "bee-eaters" excavate nesting burrows in sand banks.  The dramatic landscape you see in the photo above LOOKS like a bee-eater colony, but actually this image was taken yesterday, near Chicago.  What is it, and (more or less) where is it?

And check back later today when SlowBoat will cruise you through downtown Chicago!


  1. Salt ... and plenty of it. Chicago has a lot of roads to clear!

  2. Cliff from State College wrote: The picture of the sand dunes with the holes in them look like bank swallow nests. I know there are some sand dunes in Michigan, but the location of the pictured is a "Mystery".