Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Embroidery, Fudge, Guns, Ammo

Our new neighbors.
They're NOT here to borrow a cup of Grey Poupon.
Our route yesterday took us almost to the border of Camp LeJeune, the North Carolina military installation.  All day, big helicopters buzzed over us like angry wasps.  Chatter on the radio warned recreational vessels to avoid a certain offshore region because of live fire exercises.

We docked at a little marina favored by shrimp and crab boats. Parted the curtains this morning to see four camouflage Zodiacs pulling up on the opposite side of our dock, all manned by helmeted marines wearing sidearms.  Good thing Cap's been practicing his amphibious-assault maneuvers!

Items in the little local paper, the Topsail Advertiser, reflect the local military influence.  A "Women's Expo" held last weekend at the Surf City community center (admission $3) offered local residents this list of attractions:  Bodywear, Embroidery, Massage, Travel, Shoes, Home Improvement, Guns and Ammo.

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