Friday, March 18, 2011

Super-Secret Canal Assault Boat

Hmm, this one is NOT in our
Sibley Guide to Birds
First, Mom wants to know where we are.  We are in Oriental, North Carolina, where the harborcam is trained right on our pretty little hull. Check it OUT!

In other news (if you are not totally tired of reading these things), SlowBoat is the featured story today in a Spanish on-line energy magazine.

We spent last night tied to a restaurant dock in Morehead City, which is near Beaufort but with more fisherman and fewer condos. While Cap teleconferenced, the crew paddled the dink ashore for a commando raid on local antique stores. 

Her commando skills were in fine tune, since Cap and Crew had just successfully navigated the tank-strewn, bullet-riddled, helicopter-policed shores of Camp LeJeune.  
Good thing the crew was such a finely tuned fighting machine.  Paddling the dink from the town dock BACK to the boat took the skills of a Navy Seal, what with the wind, and the strong currents, and the tipsy but enthusiastic patrons at the waterside tavern, who  got some pretty good some entertainment along with their beer.  

The view from the dock at the Ruddy Duck Tavern.  Look honey, it's an amphibious canal assault boat!
But the crew climbed aboard Dragonfly with good news. Waiting for the tide to change before risking the passage, she'd been nursing a beer at said restaurant, and the management was so entranced by our boat, they invited us to tie up to their dock overnight, rather than sit in the current next to the shipping channel

So we weighed anchor and steamed 100 feet to the dock, went into the bar, and had a thoroughly enjoyable conversation with an intoxicated local couple who reported that they had been admiring our boat all day. (They'd spotted us early in the day, when they were driving to work. 

“What’s that, hon?” the woman  reported proclaiming. “It must be some kind of military boat!”   That's right.  14 tons of solid, stealthy steel, ready to infiltrate local watering holes at a moment's notice.
Check that dock cam.  As I type this, gongoozlers are prowling the dock, exclaiming loudly.  

"What IS that thing?"  "Do you think it's from Holland?!"  "I'd NEVER take a boat like THAT out on the sound."  Oh little do they know.

P.S. more fun photos here 

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