Monday, August 27, 2018

A Boat at Rest

On Saturday, August 26, Dragonfly floated up through Erie Lock 30, glided past Old Lock 60 (long abandoned on the north shore) slid beneath the still crisp-as-new Canadaigua Road Bridge, and made the left-hand turn into Mid-Lakes Marina, our home port.  Now she's tied to the dock.

Girls hiked the towpath, guys
drove the boat (see it?)
Our friends Dave and Brenda Eissenstat joined us for this final leg of the journey, leaving from Newark, NY (which is looking noticeably more prosperous than when we boated through in June, with several new waterfront buildings). 

Dave and Brenda are our long-time adventure buddies, always fishable for a hike or a paddle, so it felt fitting to have them with us to put the capstone on this summer's grand adventure.

What's the Takeaway?

This trip was a history lesson, a hands-on engineering puzzle, a succession of beautiful days spent outdoors. It included a few moments of terror, a hands-on demonstration of how invasive species spread, frequent opportunities to ponder the economic status of waterfront towns, and, as with every boat trip, many, many delightful occasions to appreciate the instant friendships that form when you're part of the Brotherhood of Boaters.

I can't possibly sum it all up in one quick blog post.  I'll have a few more things to say over the next couple days. So check back.

(Not to mention some of you havev told me this blog didn't include nearly enough "Boat Gourmet" tips. No prob, I've got lots more.)

Toast With Us Now

On Saturday night, after Cap equalized the batteries and shut down all the systems that needed to be shut down, we hopped on our bikes and pedaled down the towpath to the Twisted Rail, the newest and nearest brewpub in Macedon.  

Because you know we can't end the day without our traditional toast. 

With just a little twist this time.

"High Five! We didn't sink the boat all summer!"

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