Friday, August 10, 2018

What IS It?

The "What IS It?" quiz brings you photos of obscure or confusing objects.  You guess what it is.  If you're right, you win:

  • Recognition on this blog
  • A tacky postcard, sent to you via good old-fashioned snail mail
  • The satisfaction of being right!
OK, let's get guessing. Today's quiz takes us back to Ottawa and that shady tunnel where we queued up to descend the Rideau Canal's triumphant finale, a spectacular flight of 8 locks.

We had to wait for an hour and half, since other boats were coming up the lock. Plenty of time to explore the underpass.

Not For Tying Up the Boat

We spotted this chain hanging down the wall.

It was hanging in a little recess--a vertical trough cut into the cement.

On the other side of the overpass was another chain, exactly the same.

So, What IS It? (Other than being a chain, that is.) 

Look closely. Yup, it's a chain, all right!
Why does this overpass have random chains hanging down the walls?

Write your answer on an iRocker Cruiser inflatable paddle board and send it to . . . oh, wait, we're on a boat, you can't send us mail.  

Use the comment function below, or visit the SlowBoat Facebook page and make your guess there.

You could be our next lucky winner!

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  1. In place of a downspout. Water comes out of the hole at the top and runs down the chain. It is held on by surface tension