Friday, August 3, 2018

Where We Stayed

This post will catch you up on our whereabouts.

Ain't he the cutest?
We left the boat in Plattsburg this past weekend.

We grabbed a rental car to go down to NYC to babysit for the cutest baby in Brooklyn while his parents went to a wedding.

From Plattsburgh . . . 

On Monday, we set out south down Lake Champlain, but ran into pretty big waves.  (Click the link to check 'em out!)

Lighting the anchor light at Stave Island
So we decided to be safe, and settled into an anchorage off  Stave Island.

It was a relief to be in calm water! We swam, caught up on boat chores, and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

Handy Man to Have Around: Cap also had the chance to put his EMT skills to work helping a boater who injured his hand.

To Burlington . . . 

On Tuesday, the lake had settled down a little and we made it to Burlington, goggle-eyed at the scenery all the way.

Lake to the right, lake to the left!
Once we'd settled in, we got out our bikes.  Burlington has an amazing bike path that takes you north along the lakeshore, then out over a narrow causeway.

This town has loads of farm-to-table restaurants and craft brewpubs. Heaven!

The next day, the lake had big bouncy waves again. 

So we left Dragonfly tied to the dock and  took a "busman's holiday":  we let someone else do the piloting and went for a ride on the ferry.  (More pix here.)

We wrapped up the day by biking south to Magic Hat Brewery. Their "artifactory" facility has a trippy hippie vibe.

There, we ended the day by hoisting a glass (or two) for our traditional toast:

"High five! We didn't sink the boat today."

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