Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from SlowBoat

Thankful for  sun on the panels
Can I NOT be thankful for spiders?
SlowBoat is docked in Mobile Bay while her crew flies home for Thanksgiving.

We wish you a very happy Turkey Day.

Check the blog over the break for a guest essay from the Cap'n!

We're thankful for  . . .

  • Our parents, our children, our brothers and sisters, our friends back home, the new friends we've made on this trip . . .
  • Our employers, flexible enough to let us take a year off . . . 
  • The beautiful scenery, and the beautiful weather in which to enjoy it . . . 
  • The miracles of modern technology: photovoltaic panels, high speed internet, cold beer. . . 
  • And we're thankful that (High five!)  We haven't sunk the boat yet!

1 comment:

  1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU BOTH. As usual, I am enjoying your loooog trip. Pictures as great, only exceeded by your wonderful attitudes. How peaceful this trip has been for you both. It's just wonderful.Take care of yourselves, as always. Love to you and your family this holiday season.