Thursday, November 11, 2010

What IS It?

The SlowBoat Nov. 3rd What IS It? Quiz asked you to identify some colorful, soda can-shaped floats.  We spotted a whole raft of them blocking our path in the "Divide Cut" section of the Tenn-Tom Waterway.
When a catfish bites, the noodle tips into a vertical
position.  (It's like ice fishing, without the chillblains)

Being egg-headed former biologists, we thought the floats must mark some kind of science experiment or environmental survey.  We thought the guys in the boat at left might be state biologists.

We hollered over, "What are these floats?" And the guys rolled their eyes and said, "Fishin' noodles."

Well, that didn't enlighten us much, but Herb Smith would have nodded in agreement.  Herb correctly identified the cut-up bits of "swim noodles" as "jug-fishing floats."

If you still don't know what they are, you must be a Yankee, and you should check out the links provided to see fishing noodles in action!
Fishing noodles (and jugs) are devices for catching catfish.  And for jug-fishing, it's nice to have a jug-fishing BOAT.  A couple days later we spotted this very excellent-looking boat, kind of like a floating UPS truck, but with more features.   Notice the excellent storage space for fishing noodles.

Herb, for your knowledge of the time-honored pastime of jug-fishing, you win a certified tacky postcard.  Just send your snail mail address to slowboat@emailias.com

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  1. Hey guys. I picked up your website as I saw a couple of links to my Jug Fishing website through these pages. Sounds like an awesome adventure you are on. I really enjoyed looking through your stories.

    Chad Ferguson