Friday, November 12, 2010

The Need for Speed

Our dinghy--an Adirondack wherry--can be rowed faster than the Dragonfly can cruise with its diesel engine cranked to the max.  So we always joke that, when we feel the need for speed, we just get out and row.

Lately, the conditions have been perfect for rowing.

We are on the "river" section of the Tenn-Tom Waterway now.  The first segment, the "Divide Cut," was manicured, and overtly man-made.  The middle or "canal" section had frequent locks.  Now we're on the "River" section, and for the most part, it feels like we're on a wild 'n natural river.  We don't see much in the way of roads, bridges, or houses.  Hardly another boat passes by.  The river loops and curls, and we pass inviting little side channels.
Notice what those front pilings are resting on--thin air

Meanwhile the weather is beautiful: cool at night, but sunny and warm by day. The water is flat and calm, with just a little current to help you along. We're anchoring out most nights, so we can't get off the boat and walk or bike.  Rowing is the perfect exercise.

I say we've seen hardly a house, but the houses we have seen are set perilously close to crumbling, sandy river banks.  Some have already started to fall into the drink.

We've seen this everywhere in our travels.  Newer houses ARE set high on pilings, to protect them from flooding.  But you have to wonder why someone would put a house just a few feet back from a bank that is destined to erode away.

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