Friday, May 27, 2011

Crossing Our Wake

Last week, at Waterford, public radio reporter Marie Cusick rode through a lock with us. (Marie covers a new beat called "Innovation Trail," a public radio project that documents technology innovations in New York.) You can hear her story about the voyage of the Dragonfly on the WMHT-FM website

More details on our most  recent adventures will be coming soon.  But I wanted to alert you to a landmark in our travels today: We are about to "cross our wake."

If you're not familiar with this nautical term, it means the point at which a trip officially comes full circle. We started our voyage by travelling east on the Erie Canal, to a junction called Three Rivers. There we headed  north up the Oswego Canal to Lake Ontario.

Today, we're approaching Three Rivers from the opposite direction on the Erie Canal--we're headed west. When we reach Three Rivers, we will cross our wake.

We're really excited for this moment. It'll happen around 5:30 PM. We'll have some family and friends on the boat, and some champagne, and we'll try to live-blog and post some photos. Please join us!

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