Sunday, May 1, 2011

Goin' Outside

Yesterday, SlowBoat made it safely through what our guidebooks call (I am quoting exactly) THE MOST DANGEROUS SPOT ON THE INTRACOASTAL WATERWAY!!!!

Laying in our course
The precise spot:  A blind right-angle turn--in strong currents and high boat traffic--under a low railroad bridge in Manasqan, NJ. Piece o' proverbial cake.

Today: The biggest challenge yet for a canal boat like ours. We're "goin' outside."

Away from the protected waters of the Intracoastal and out into the open ocean.  There's no other way to get to New York and the Hudson River.

As we were leaving Manasquan inlet, four guys on a sportfishing boat passed us, close and fast.

"I admire your green-ness!" one guy yelled.  "Hey, at least you qualify for the carpool lane!" Cap replied.

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Feeling queasy at the thought of our passage? Experts recommend you take dramamine at least half an hour before embarking on an ocean voyage.

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