Monday, May 2, 2011

Unbroken Circle

Seen in NY: SlowBoat's dinghy is a high-performance rowboat. So naturally this quite-similar boat caught our eye.
Turns out, he's a Looper!
(If you haven't checked the SlowBoat FACEBOOK PAGE in a while, lots of new photos there.)

Last night we dined in style, at a table with an iconic New York City view.  We were not at an elegant New York City restaurant, however.  Nope, we dropped anchor right by the Statue of Liberty. Our windows framed an view of Lady Liberty's backside.

(Yes, you are allowed to anchor a boat near The Statue, and no, it's not because they finally got Bin Laden . . . it's because we're a free society and that's how we roll.)

So figure this!  New York is a city of 8 million people, yet we were the ONLY boat at the anchorage.

The cost? Free!  Value: Priceless.

Leaving this morning, we spotted redbud trees in bloom along the shores of Liberty State Park. We've been following the spring since January.  We spotted our first blooming redbud back in Savannah, Georgia.  Spring must end sometime.  But not just yet.

Cruising up past the Battery and Wall Street this morning was a little emotional.  The Twin Towers are gone, but your mind's eye fills them in.

More emotion passing Ellis Island (where my relatives arrived roughly a hundred years ago . . . where Cap's grandfather, who was in the Norwegian Merchant Marine, jumped ship for the land of the free).

Just then, we spotted a graceful sailing dinghy, with an escort boat.  The rower was flying a jaunty burgee.  On closer inspection, it was the banner of the America's Great Loop Cruiser's Association, or AGLCA. The burgee looked spanking new.  Must be a fellow "Looper," starting out on his great adventure!

If you know who he is (or Mr. Rower, if you're reading this) we'd love to hear from you.

We're ending our trip, and another Looper is just beginning. The great endless circle of life . . . or boating . . . or something.  We wish him fair seas and following winds.

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