Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In Lieu of BoatCam

We've been honing our anchoring-out skills the past two nights. Sunday night we anchored "Mediteranean style" (anchor at the bow, stern tied to a tree!) in a cove in the Bustard Islands.  The place was like a marina, there were so many sailboats and cruisers tucked into every nook and cranny. Last night we were in a gorgeous little cove off Beaverstone Bay, and all by ourselves.

We each took the dinghy out for a nice, fast row . . . which is how I got this photo.  We rarely get this perspective of our vessel, and I thought to myself, so THAT's what we look like to passing boats.  No wonder Trudy Jo, on Rice Lake, said, "I saw you coming up the channel and thought, "Here come the Beverly Hillbillies!"

Monday morning we hauled anchor (quietly) at 6 AM and left the Bustard Islands for a 14-mile run "outside" toward Beaverstone Bay.  This is a section of the coast where you can't hunker behind little islands--you have to go out in open water.  Thunderstorms threatened, but all we got was a little rain.


  1. Loving all the news, and especially like following you on the map!

  2. I can't seem to get enough pictures. I love looking at them and thinking how peaceful and quiet it must be. Love your narratives. It makes me smile every day. Love you both and be safe.