Friday, July 23, 2010

What IS It?

Jim Fong and Scott Berger have correctly identified the structure in the What IS It? quiz of 7/21 as a firehouse.  Great detective work, guys!  But the question remains, what is the function of that funny- looking onion dome?  Any firefighters out there know the answer?

Meanwhile, today's "What IS It?" entry really had US perplexed when we first spotted it.  That evil-looking tower on the left (it's pitch black) is SO large,  you can see it from miles away.  Local boaters know it as an important regional landmark for navigation.   Don Heller, I can read your mind, and No, it's NOT the World Headquarters for Trojan, Inc.   So, what IS it?

Don't let your boss know that you are wasting valuable office time figuring these out.

Here's a close-up of the evil tower.   The image doesn't really give you a sense of scale.  Though it's not a grain silo, it's as tall--or taller--than grain silos at a major port.

One last hint:  It's abandoned--not currently in use.

The Captain's original working hypothesis:  An aviary for pterodactyls. (Note screens at top)


  1. Rapunzel's Canadian Vacation home?

  2. Cindy, my last name is Barbara, not Berger... I don't think I'm related to you. (Not like I've never made a typo before...) I can't take the credit for Jim's sleuthing, he found it, I just took his suggestion and expanded on it.

    I like the Captain's hypothesis about the evil tower.

  3. We have something like that in a small town in Western Washington (I can't remember where) that is used as a trash incinerator. I promise that if that is correct, I'll stop guessing What Is It for a while to give other readers a chance.

  4. Heya, Scott, my BROTHER is also Scott, so I assumed that was who "Scott" was . . . obviously incorrectly!

    Bing Bing Bing! Miles, you are right! The evil tower was part of a very large sawmill complex and was used for burning waste.

  5. Ok, I think I figured out this blogger.com thing... In theory, if I did it correctly, there should be no doubt in future comments. My dad was the one who administered your Power Squadron test if that helps to identify me.