Thursday, July 8, 2010

Slowboat Goes for a Train Ride

Humans have invented four different kinds of locks for use on canal systems.  One of the cool things about Canada's Trent - Severn Waterway is that it has all four kinds:  1) conventional locks, where water goes in, and your boat floats up; 2) flight locks (that's two or more conventional locks, all in a row); 3) lift locks (see our entry for the Peterborough Lift Lock); and 4) marine railways.

And here's what it looks like as your boat is being loaded onto a marine railway, the Trent-Severn's "Big Chute Railway."  See the white motor boat? our boat is just behind it, loaded onto its own set of sling straps.

The railway carries as many as 6 boats over a hill, in the process helping boats avoid a narrow and turbulent stretch of river called the Big Chute, where water flows fast down a rocky canyon.


  1. That slideshow was amazing! Thank you for posting it. Lake Huron looks beautiful! jb

  2. Cynthia - you are seeing some really ingenious methods of transportation and thank you for sharing with us landlubbers!

  3. We also take requests! Anything you would like to know about our trip?

  4. Maybe it's me, but I don't see Dragonfly in the picture -- how am I missing it?